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oak beams for sale
oak beam
oak beam

Oak Beams

oak beam
Country and Coast is a small, family business specializing in bespoke, solid handcrafted Oak Beams and Oak products.

All of our beautifully finished oak beam mantelpieces are made to order at our workshop in Llandudno, a seaside town on the coastline of North Wales.

We are motivated and passionate about our craft. We believe this is reflected in the high quality finish of our Oak beam mantels and in our exceptional customer service.

Country and Coast began with the vision of providing our customers with premium handcrafted Oak products in Cheshire and North Wales. Bespoke oak products made with integrity and delivered with a personalized service. Our Oak Beams are now provided with full UK delivery. We are able to get our Oak mantels from our workshop to your door in 24 hours.

No two Oak trees are identical, nor are there two identical Country and Coast Oak Mantels.

Made to measure, we create unique, one of a kind mantelpieces that add the finishing touch to any fireplace. Our Oak beams take pride of place at the heart of many homes, we hope that yours will soon be among them.
oak beam
for sale oak beam
oak beam north wales
Oak Mantel
Oak Beam
Oak beam near me
Oak Beams

4 Steps to your Perfect Oak Fireplace Beam!

Choose your Length
With our smallest oak cuts starting at 3ft running up to 8ft, we can shape and style an oak beam to suit the largest of fireplaces as well as the smallest!

Choose Size
The size of your Oak Beam depends on what style you would like but also ties in with the length. A traditional beam style will have a larger face and a smaller depth giving the illusion of the beam being sunk into the wall. If the beam has a smaller face and larger depth, then we would call this an oak beam shelf. Popular cuts for our beam and oak shelves are 5x4 inches, 6x4, 7x4 and 8x4.
We do also provide square cuts of Oak starting at 4x4 inches running up to our large 6x6 inch cuts. These also look great and are often used as a supporting Beams rather than a floating beam.

Select your style
The all important style! We have three main styles to choose from.
These Oak Beams are hand selected from our stock to have knots, cracks and a lot of character. We then get to work shaping your beam with heavy shaped curved edges and ends. We can also add saw marks and textured surfaces to give an apperance of an old farmhouse oak beam!
These are what most people think of as a Oak fireplace beam. Classic beams still have a few cracks and knots but not as prevalant as our rustic style. Edges are curved and sanded smooth to the touch. These are our most popular style.
Modern Oak Mantels are finely sanded and planed with slightly rounded smooth edges. Our Modern Oak beams look fantastic in a more modern looking room. A contempory finish with minimal cracks and less knots that the other styles.

Choose your Colour
Colour is all down to personal preference and what colours you already have in your room. Here at Country and Coast we are happy to work with you to find a colour that suits. We quite often receive pictures from customers hoping to colour match a peice of furniture with their Oak Beam.

Light Oak, is simply finished with our clear Fiddes wax.
Medium Oak, We use Danish Oil to bring out the grain and give your beam a warm golden colour. Its then finished with Fiddes clear wax.
Dark Oak, Jacobean stain is used to darken the wood and to bring out the grain. We then use Fiddes dark oak wax to leave a dark brown finish with the oak grain brought to life!

If you have decided on your Oak Beam, get in touch we are happy to help!

We are not a timber yard, neither are website company with pre made oak beams. We take the time to make sure that you get a bespoke handcrafted, one of a kind oak beam to take pride of place above your fireplace!

oak beams for sale
oak beam for sale
oak beam for sale

Oak Fireplace Mantel

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