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oak foreplace hanging guide

Oak Beam Mantel Installation

Your guide to mounting your Country and Coast Oak Beam onto brickwork or masonry.

Tools needed:
Spirit Level, Pencil, Power drill, hammer, tape measure, 10mm drill bit & a spanner.

1 Using a spirit level pencil a horizontal line at the height where you would like the middle of your oak beam to be above your fireplace.

2 Now measure and mark with a pencil where the center of the beam is. Do the same on your wall.

3 Put the mounting pins into the pre drilled holes in the back of your beam. The screw ends of the pins will be sticking out

4 Two people should lift the beam up to the horizontal line on the wall. With the screw ends of the pins sticking out of the back of the beam align the center mark on the wall to the centre mark on your beam. The beam should be held close to the wall so that the screw ends now  touch the horizontal line. Where they touch the line make a mark. These marks will be your drill holes

5 Using a power drill and a 10mm bit, drill the holes you marked on the line where each screw touched.

6 Push/tap the plugs provided in the fittings kit into the drilled holes.

7 Using a spanner to help, screw your pins into the plugged holes. Notice a small groove on the pins to place the spanner.

8 Once all the pins are in place, lift up your beam and push halfway into place.

8 Place a spirit level on top of your oak mantel. Notice that mounting pins are offset, allowing you to turn the pins and make the changes in position to get your beam your beam into place and level.
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